Home Control

2010 – For two years I was Creative Director for Vancouver-based building automation provider, New Space Technologies. My first project was to create an entirely new software interface for New Space's high-end residential projects, optimized for iOS devices. It needed to be easy to use, flexible, and pleasant enough to pair with the decor of the homes we were installing in. The completed UI paired with Crestron control systems to enable home owners to control security, lighting, climate, home theaters, and more. Keynote was used for initial wireframes and on-device interactive prototypes, and Photoshop/Illustrator were used for visual design and asset production.

The iconography was tremendously fun to create. Very skeuomorphic, but that was of course the style of iOS in 2010.

Once completed, we installed the new interface in New Space residential projects around the world. The following promotional video captured one such home in West Vancouver, Canada. Footage was shot with the help of Casey Yee and then edited in Final Cut.

We subsequently rolled the system into a new end-to-end control solution for condos, called "New Space Core". To promote Core I created the following campaign, leveraging a rebrand that I'd completed a few months prior. New Space marketing projects were always a blast because I needed to be a one-man-band, responsible all aspects of the projects, from copy to visual design to production.